Bergenbier 4 friends

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Bergenbier 4 friends

Services: Design, UX, back-end, dezvoltare iOS, dezvoltare Android.

Zilele Prieteniei (Friends Days) is a series of events sponsored by Bergenbier, one of the local brand brew of Molson Coors, organized in different locations during the summer. Free access, line up with some of best Romanian bands and singers, but with lot of last moment changes in the schedule or line up. To get connected to this events we build an app where users can get last minutes update at once. Besides the agenda and line up, users could enjoy selfie with some of the stars participating at the event, send messages and images that where broadcasted live, vote for the final song to hear or share the location so the friends can easier get together. And, of course, send an invitation to a beer to the friends. One of the technical challenges was to implement the selfie feature without deforming the final pictures on Android where many low quality cameras are an issue.



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